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Aluminium angle for tiling 3 mts

Aluminium angle for tiling 3 mts

Price : $20.60 — $28,627.00
SKU : 12534,19222,13223,17888,13224,13225,24828,13226,13227,13228,32191,28130,27556,28131,28132,23801,32193,17390,33940,23802,27557,27558,28624,28625,28626,18.90,28578,26380,32192,25813,33695,27524

 The purpose of Aluminium Angle is to provide protection of a tiled surface against chipping and wear.
As a more economical alternative to Brass or Stainless Steel, Aluminium
is widely used and has the flexibility of being able to be produced in a
wide range of finishes / colours that can be utilised with various
ceramic tile an natural stones.
The Aluminium Angle can also be installed between two alternative types of flooring to create a border or decorative “strip”.
More recently, Aluminium Angle has been installed vertically to finish
off tiling around doors, windows and walls where an adjoining wall is
not to be tiled.

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