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Flashing and Dampcourse

Flashing and Dampcourse

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      Termite shielding single side ( pick up only)

      from $12.10

      Termite shielding double side . This product is over 1,2 mts long. Send email for fright price

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      Zincflashing 07mm 6 meters roll

      from $64.50

      Zinc flashing is 99% pure uncoated Applications: suitable for alternative flashing for colorbond and zincalume.

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      Plascourse 30 metres roll

      from $10.89

      Plascourse is a thick black polyethelene strip with an embossed surface that reduces slipppage in use. Provides an effective moisture barrier for use as dampcourse and flashing,. It is 500 micron Applications: As a dampcourse material in brick and blockwork walls also e.g. under windows.

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      Malthoid 20 metres roll

      from $14.96

      Malthoid is 2 ply felt material impregnated with bitumen wihich is also vovered in afine sand to prevent sticking when rolled. Applications: Waterproof of flat roofs and dampcourse on bricks and block walls.

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      Lead flashing 3 metres rolls

      from $43.45

      Lead flashing (price can change daily) ACRYFLASH 3 metres roll is a lead flashing with a protective coat to protect drinking water and hand contact. Aplication - particular on roof apications around penetrations and gables on buildings, brick and block flashing.

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      Aluminium Flashing 99% pure (weatherflash) 0.7mm

      from $42.30

      Aluminium flashing (Wetherflash) is pure 99% aluminium. Particular suitable for use with colorbond and zinczlume roofing. Used to protect timber from extreme weather and temperatures. Also to use as flashing for under doors, windows, and timber decking beares. 25823- 150mmx10mts


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